Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Titan Creed

-A Titan always strives to be a great teammate!

-A Titan always plays hard, smart and together.

-A Titan is not boastful in times of success and perseveres through times of hardship.

-A Titan is not easily angered or intimidated.

-A Titan is passionate and plays with enthusiasm!

-A Titan is courteous, unselfish, and not envious of others.

-A Titan never leaves anyone behind, thus, he is trustworthy and full of love.

-A Titan is disciplined and always performs the mundanities of excellence.

-A Titan is patient, because he knows he must endure trials and tribulations.

-Most of all, a Titan is proud! He is a champion because he does all the things required of a champion.

-This is our creed, and it is who we are.

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