Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Team USA Gold Standards

Developed by the players
1. No Excuses
a. We have what it takes to win
2. Great Defense
a. This is the key to winning the gold
b. We do the dirty work
3. Communication
a. We look each other in the eye
b. We tell each other the truth

4. Trust
a. We believe in each other
5. Collective Responsibility
a. We are committed to each other
b. We win together

6. Care
a. We have each other’s backs
b. We give aid to a teammate

7. Respect
a. We respect each other and our opponents
b. We’re always on time
c. We’re always prepared

8. Intelligence
a. We take good shots
b. We’re aware of team fouls
c. We know the scouting report

9. Poise
a. We show no weaknesses
10. Flexibility
a. We can handle any situation
b. We don’t complain

11. Unselfishness
a. We’re connected
b. We make the extra pass
c. Our value is not measured in playing time

12. Aggressiveness
a. We play hard every possession
13. Enthusiasm
a. This is fun
14. Performance
a. We’re hungry
b. We have no bad practices

15. Pride
a. We are the best team in the world and we represent the best country

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