Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Definite Dozen (To Play Here)


1. BE COMMITTED TO HARD WORK – Our program is built on the concept that hard work pays off. We believe that we work harder than anyone else…and because of that we always deserve to win. There is a reason we are the best we can be…we work at it. Our best player must be our hardest worker. Be our hardest worker.

2. BE COMMITTED TO BECOMING A SMART PLAYER – We all must be ready to learn. We believe we work smarter than anyone else…We must develop players who understand the game. We all must be good listeners and learn by watching. We must make good decisions; we must play with poise. We prepare mentally for practice and games.

3. BE COMMITTED TO OUR TEAM ATTITUDE CONCEPT – We must all believe in our team concept. Our program is built on the concept that the team/program is bigger than any one player or coach…We need unselfish players and coaches.

4. COMMIT YOURSELF TO A WINNING ATTITUDE – Our players must be committed to winning but understand we don’t measure our success by winning alone. Each time we play we evaluate ourselves on reaching our potential. The test for our team is to play against the game not just our opponent. We never quit. We always are looking for ways to win.

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